Meet The Team

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Mike bought the business in 2020 & is the driving force behind developing it as we emerge from the Pandemic. In business terms it couldn’t have been a more challenging start, but the business is already showing signs of growth. With years of experience in hospitality & having been the Operations Manager for 8 years before buying the company, Mike knows every corner of the business inside out & has a great knowledge of the world of wine. His spare time (ha ha!) is spent walking with Rufus & Eddie up on the moors.

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Patrick is seldom in the office, he’s usually on the road setting up new customer accounts and ensuring that each business gets exactly the wines it needs. With a young family Patrick doesn’t get much time for hobbies, but what he does get he spends hunting, foraging and fishing. He holds a WSET Diploma in Wines, so his knowledge is significant and he’s always happy to share it.



Lauren takes care of so many things it’s hard to know where to start. If it has been designed, printed or it’s on our website, Lauren probably created it from scratch. Naturally all this work needs some supervision, which is where Lola the Dachshund comes in. To say Lauren is fond of Lola is like saying Casanove got on with the ladies. I honestly believe Lola eats better than anyone else in the business, and that stands for Lauren too! An ex-chef this girl knows how to eat. When not at work she's usually found in her kitchen or out in the countryside playing with horses.

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Dave retired a few years ago and came in to buy some wine. He hasn’t managed to leave yet, and lurks in the shop on Monday, Thursday and Friday from noon onwards (he’s not an early riser). He’ll be very happy to help you choose something that’s right for you. Dave is training to be a Wine Educator, so when you come to tastings and educational events he’ll almost certainly be there!   



Zoe makes sure that when our customers order, what they need is in stock. She also keeps on top of the rest of the staff who have a tendency to forget to mention when deliveries arrive or orders are placed. Her meticulous attention to detail keeps the cogs turning, and just to make sure she never gets distracted she doesn’t actually drink wine - talk about a missed opportunity!!!


Jess has learned a great deal in a short amount of time about running the warehouse as well as being interested in other areas of the business too. She has a great work ethic, and needs it because her hobby is her horses! Working and looking after horses adds up to a pretty full working week - it’s a good job she’s so much younger than the rest of us!


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Stephen has been a part of the business since pre-historic times. Over the years he has developed the power to levitate boxes of wine. We’ve never seen this, but when he’s working in the warehouse everything seems to happen of its own accord. As well as never tiring of physical work, Stephen has a highly developed palate and real in-depth knowledge of wine. When he’s not working he’s doing a little light exercise - such as a triathlon or Iron Man event. Rest is for wimps.

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Steve is a retired vet who decided to do some driving. He’s also doing a good job of working his way through the higher-end wines in the warehouse! I’m not sure if he ever takes any wage home - I rather suspect we might be making a profit out of him! A man who really enjoys his wine, Steve also enjoys keeping fit (it’s obviously a ‘Steve’ thing).

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Richard has been with the company for quite some years now. Very skilled with his hands (he used to build sets for the Theatre Royal) he was vital when the retail shop was created. He has built wine racks in the shop using scaffold boards to such a high standard that people now come in and place orders for similar displays for their homes. When he’s not driving and delivering wine he can be found in the top corner of the business hammering, sawing and whatever else carpenters do!


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Pete is also quite new. He has a distinction in being the first one to run out of charge in our new electric van whilst out delivering! In fact I think it was just an instrument that decided to read incorrectly, but it certainly had the effect of getting us all to read the manual properly!

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Andy has been one of the company drivers for a couple of years now. He has many other interests including building, financial investments and taking his son all around the country to hockey events. Andy can turn his hand to most things and can always be relied on in an emergency.

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Colin used to work for a rival wine agency (boo!) but eventually saw the light and joined our team here as a driver. He lives locally and is always willing to go the extra mile - or indeed many miles - to get the job done.