The Sovereign Wines team is here to support you to develop your business. Our aim is to provide you with exactly what you need for your own, unique business - there is no ‘standard package.’ With years of experience in the hospitality industry we understand that your business has its own identity, and we can help define that identity through our in-house design services.


We have many years of experience designing and printing Wine Lists, and we can even design and print bottle labels to your specifications, reflecting your unique brand on the bottles you serve to your customers.


We will even train your staff to ensure they are comfortable with the process of offering, recommending, upselling and serving wine and providing them with an understanding of the wines on your list. We don’t charge for these additional services - we aim to grow our business by helping you to grow yours.


Finally, we will help you understand the business side of providing wine. Margin control is really important, but when your business stocks a wide variety of products with differing margins it can become complex. We can help. When we create a wine list for you we will provide you with a spreadsheet that details the full break-down of costs and recommended retail prices. This will show you your profit margin for every item you buy from us, enabling you to remain fully in control and competitive.


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Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels and other Licensed Premises - Here at Sovereign Wines we pride ourselves on our core values:


We source products of the highest quality available in any given price band, and we regularly check vintages and taste-compare to ensure we maintain those standards.


We like to get to know our customers

so that we can tailor our services to fit their needs. It’s not just good business, it makes the whole experience more rewarding.


We have many years of experience in hospitality to draw on and we are able to offer advice on all aspects of your business development when it comes to making on or off-license sales.

We also....



We offer a bespoke Wine List design and printing service to all our customers. In most instances this is completely free of charge, and comes as part-and-parcel of working with us. Our in-house design team works closely with you to design a list that not only markets your brand and fits in with your style of business, but also combines knowledge and simplicity, so it's the first thing to immediately engage your customers.



We have a weekly delivery schedule throughout the South West serviced by our own fleet of vans. We have regular drivers, so you will be looked after by our own friendly, reliable and well-trained staff, and no doubt you’ll get to know them over time. 



Our own Trade Wine List includes wines at a wide variety of price-points, enabling us to cater for significantly different sorts of businesses, and we have the ability to source many others - so if you want something specific that is not on our list, just ask!