Langham Culver Classic Cuvée Brut, Dorset, England

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    Tasting Note: Full with flavours of red fruits and and pink lady apple, with a bouquet of wild flowers on the nose. A well textured wine, with lots of mouthfeel and a chalky finish, but still with citrus notes to make this a beautifully balanced wine.

    Grapes: 51% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier, 14% Chardonnay

    Vintage: 2018

    Alcohol (ABV): 12%

    Volume: 75cl

    Dietary: Vegan Friendly

    Goes With: A perfect aperitif. Great with soft cheeses and shellfish.

    Wine Guide: 1

    Wine Guide

    Whites 1 - 9 (1 = Dry 9 = Very Sweet)

    Reds A - E (A = Light, E= Full Bodied)