We are proud to partner with the London based company, Sustainable Wine Solutions,
as the sole distributer in the SW of their ‘wine on tap’ reusable kegs. This is an amazing
system that offers sustainably produced wines on tap with zero waste and saving you
money on recycling.




Wine-on-Tap delivers wine via a keg system, just as you’d pull a pint of beer. SWS (Sustainable Wine Solutions) are the only U.K. supplier of Wine–on–Tap using reusable kegs. Their kegs offer incredible quality preservation, no wastage, perfect quick pours and a massive reduction in your glass and cardboard waste output. 

The SWS in–house cellar team manages every step of the installation process and continued maintenance support. Over 15 years of expertise and innovation in Wine–on–Tap ensures quality assurance and top customer service.

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Each keg is supplied with wine from our Zero Waste wine            range, delivering top quality wine from sustainably minded        winemakers.
Our in–house cellar team takes care of installation,                        equipment and maintenance services – be that full bar                installation to an all–in–one mobile dispensing unit.
We’ll survey your venue and recommend the best set-up            options, and you’ll be ready to pour in 1-3 weeks.
With years of experience and a dedicated in–house team,            we have control of every step of the process, delivering and        maintaining the optimum Wine–on–Tap experience for                your business.


We are the only supplier of Wine–on–Tap using refillable              kegs, the most sustainable solution to serving wine on tap          compared to other keg options.
+ Wine is preserved perfectly with inert gas input, ensuring no      wine is wasted.
+ Each 25L EcoFass keg is equivalent to 33.3 bottles, saving           around 15kg of glass with each use.
+ Each 20.5L 100% reusable stainless steel keg is equivalent to       27.3 bottles, saving around 12kg of glass with each use.


+ Wines are up to 25% cheaper than the equivalent served in         traditional, non-returnable bottles, enabling great value.
+ The preservation system delivers consistent quality in quick      precise pours, with no oxidisation, cork taint or wasted wine.
+ The system works just as well as a reusable bottle refill                  station as it does behind the bar for by–the–glass pours,              making it ideal for both on–trade and off–trade settings.
+ We collect empty kegs on subsequent deliveries, saving you      significant cost and effort in sorting glass and cardboard            recycling.
+ Internal chiller system delivers wine at the perfect                          temperature, freeing up valuable fridge space in your                  premises.