Carabus Gin 70cl, Papillon Devon

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    Limited Edition created in collaboration with Nick Baker, Dartmoor Naturalist.

    Distilled with 15 botanicals including woodland flavours of hawthorn and rowan berries, nettles, wood sorrel and hazelnuts.

    Named Carabus for the Blue Ground Beetle (Carabus Intricatus) £2 from every bottle is donated to a local Buglife project.

    Taste: Creamy smooth flavour. We have used rowan and hawthorn berries, instead of citrus, which give a fresh, fruity tartness to start. Cubeb, cardamom and cassia give subtle spice notes. The hazelnuts lend a creaminess that ends in a pearly finish.

    We would recommend a double measure, over ice, with a premium tonic water. Go easy on the citrus garnish.