Mamont Siberian Wheat Vodka

This product is no longer available.

Mamont Siberia Vodka is a local Siberian vodka, taking inspiration from it’s immediate surroundings and rich history. Using high quality local wheat and the purest Siberian water, this vodka has been distilled six times alongside Cedar nuts before being triple filtered through Siberian birch charcoal.

Bottle: 70cl

Country: Siberia

Alcohol (ABV): 40%

Tasting Notes: Crystal-clear Mamont is like no other vodka. Outstandingly smooth, delicate and rich toned, its secret lies in uniquely Siberian ingredients and craftsmanship. As a special touch, cedar nuts are added as they used to be eaten by the mammoths who roamed the area. Today, like the unique tusk-shaped bottle, they are a reminder of Mamont’s Siberian heritage.